Color Services

Be Your Truth


Art in motion, Flaunt Salon's stylists imbibe a mix of the classic with the creative, paint and brushes the tools composing a canvas uniquely you, rejuvenating and awakening the authentic self. Immerse in time-honored practices, personalized treatments, practical applications of colors, and blends to find your way back.


Back to your authentic self. Back to your truth.

We offer complimentary consultations to first-time guests. Flaunt Salon has a tiered pricing structure, based on individual stylists' skills, education, and experience.



All Over Color  $60-$100

Color/Full Foil  $133-$230

Color/Partial Foil  $113-$210

Color/Accent Foils  $$80-$155

Color Full Foil with Lowlights  $148-$245

Color Partial Foil with Lowlights  $128-$225

Babylight Heavy Full Foil  $105-$195

Babylight Heavy Partial Foil  $85-$50

Face Framing Babylights  $40-$80

Global Lightener  $110-$178

Global Lightener in Foil  $$150-$250

Global Lightener Retouch  $150-$250

Color/Full Balayage  $175-$275

Color/Partial Balayage  $150-$250

Full Painted Balayage  $145-$245

Partial Painted Balayage  $90-$190

Face Framing Balayage  $40-$80

Full Classic Foil  $88-$145

Partial Classic Foil  $68-$125

Complete Color Transformation  $200-425

• Any corrective color that extends beyond the allotted 3.5 hours will incur extra charges for product and time.

• A $100 deposit, will be applied to color correction upon completion of service. If you choose not to do a corrective color service, the deposit is non-refundable.

**Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Root Retouch  $45-$85

Root Retouch with Balayage Lowlight  $58-$110

Root Retouch with Refresher   $60-$100

**Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Global Lightening, 1 session  $110-$178

Additional Same-Day Session  $45-$80

Single Fashion Color  $70-$110

Global Lightening with 1 Vivid Color  $180-280

Fashion Vivid Color with Foil, 2 colors  $200-$300

Fashion Vivid Color, Highlight with Vivid Colormelt  $190-$290

--additional fashion colors $30 per color

**Prices are subject to change without notice.



Base Shift  $25

Fibreplex Upgrade, added into color  $20

Upcharge  $20

Color Glazing  $38

Individual Foil  $10 per foil

Ironworks  $15

Extra Color  $12

Root Shadow  $25

**Prices are subject to change without notice.