Go ahead, breathe.

Close your eyes, relax and let Flaunt Salon welcome you with open arms.





Flaunt Salon removes the restraints of the every day, creating comfort with effortless style. Sink into the comfortable surroundings and experience the power of Flaunt Salon’s unique personalized service or gather with friends for a communal affair.

Discover the synergy of a group devoted to the power of impeccable products, service, and dedication. At every turn, in every space, refreshment permeates Flaunt Salon.


Comfort awaits.


Uncompromising commitment to discovering the authentic is what makes Flaunt not only a salon, but a unique departure to an almost mystical realm where service combines with essence to restore, to balance, and to recharge.
Authenticity is found and inspired at Flaunt Salon. Immerse in time-honored practices, personalized treatments, practical applications to find your way back. Back to your authentic self.

Back to your truth.

Who We Are


Perhaps it is as simple as taking a break from the demands of the day. Or feeling the freedom of putting trust in the hands of a skilled artist without apprehension.

At Flaunt Salon, losing yourself in the luxury of proven and time-tested practices is the order of the day. Stylists committed to their craft are passionate in their pursuit of knowledge and adept at the latest trends and techniques.
Artisans. Trendsetters. Rock stars all.

Janna Polk

Founder & Master Stylist

Janna Polk brings more than 25 years of unsurpassed hairstyling and make-up services to Flaunt Salon, her brainchild, which opened for business in 2017.

Flaunt Salon is Janna personified,

endeavoring to create the ultimate salon experience. Delivering high-standards of excellence and example, she inspires her

staff to strive to provide impeccable, Plus-1

customer service.

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Pride and Passion: Educating my staff continuously and watching them grow into amazing hairdressers. Watching these younger, very talented stylists grow into leaders and problem solvers with great skill, passion, and absolute love for all things beauty!

Listening, openly communicating with guests, and providing meticulous attention to detail are some of the pillars of Flaunt Salon.

She will always welcome you with a warm embrace, a glass

of wine and the warmth of an old friend found new again.

Her steady hand, her wealth

of experience, and her passionate and personal love for what she does translates into the magic that is Flaunt Salon.


Meet The Team


Erin Berggren

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Pride & Passion...Art, beauty, and turning desired hairstyles into reality, dedication to providing Plus-1 service and results. Turning heads, bringing out authentic beauty.


Marissa Guerrero

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Pride & Passion...Coloring and crafting, achieving the look you want. Education to be the best, to teach, to be exceptional in my craft.


Lindsey Carlson

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Pride & Passion...beauty, art, fashion expressed in my skills and talents. Commitment, recognition, excellence-learning, and growing. Achieving.