Flaunt Yourself


Go ahead, breathe. Close your eyes, relax and let Flaunt Salon welcome you with open arms.

Flaunt Salon was created for women and men alike, calling them into its embrace of comfort and trusted serenity. Inspired by Founder Janna Polk’s journey to mastering the craft, Flaunt Salon exudes the highest quality professional hair care available in Round Rock, Texas.


There is a chic respite surrounding Flaunt Salon, whispering an invitation on the wind to unwind, to recharge, to be beautiful.

The promise of Flaunt Salon can be found in the purity of the products and in the talented hands of inspired stylists. Listening...Creating... Transforming...exceeding expectations. Bringing your vision of yourself to life. Radiant. Confident. Brilliant.

At Flaunt Salon, contentment is elemental by design. Bliss is unavoidable.


Flaunt Salon is a beautiful place with a great atmosphere! Janna did such a wonderful job on my hair! It's the best cut I've had in awhile. I will definitely be back. The salon was clean, the staff very friendly and professional and easy to talk to. A really great experience. I would recommend Flaunt Salon to anyone.

Katie J.

Flaunt salon may be new to the location, but the stylist are not new to the game! Janna was not only a fantastic stylist, but she is a great person with lots of wisdom!  I have never really felt comfortable talking to stylist during my haircut, but it came so easy with her. I love my haircut, the ambience, and the company!  I will be back!

Cris B.

I wanted to donate my hair to locks of love which requires 10 inches and I typically don't cut my hair. Trent was just the man for the job. He made sure I was comfortable with the entire process from the initial length all the way through daily upkeep. I would recommend this salon to any and everyone looking for a great experience.

Heather T.

with beauty its beating heart, renewing its guests making them resplendent again with each life-affirming pulse